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Axiom ax-gen 1270
Description: Rule of Generalization. The postulated inference rule of predicate calculus. See e.g. Rule 2 of [Hamilton] p. 74. This rule says that if something is unconditionally true, then it is true for all values of a variable. For example, if we have proved x = x, we can conclude xx = x or even yx = x. Theorem a4i 1363 shows we can go the other way also: in other words we can add or remove universal quantifiers from the beginning of any theorem as required. (Contributed by NM, 5-Aug-1993.)
Ref Expression
ax-g.1 φ
Ref Expression
ax-gen xφ

Detailed syntax breakdown of Axiom ax-gen
StepHypRef Expression
1 wph . 2 wff φ
2 vx . 2 set x
31, 2wal 1267 1 wff xφ
Colors of variables: wff set class
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